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1962 to 1960
cover image December 1962
December 1962
Caption: Spinning aluminum cable at Kaiser Aluminum's new plant at San Leandro, California. The plant has just gone into operation after being converted in record time from its former use as a GM auto assembly plant.
cover image October 1962
October 1962
Caption: Cryogenic testing of aluminum at minus 452 degrees F, was conducted in specially equipped mechanical testing machine shown here being operated by engineer Earl Swetnam at the Batelle Memorial Institute. Research, sponsored by The Aluminum Association, produced conclusive findings that aluminum not only retains but actually improves upon its desirable strength characteristics at extreme low temperature of liquid helium.
cover image August 1962
August 1962
Caption: Positioning rear section of Saturn fuel container in special weld fixture preparatory to welding in the manifold sump. Sump has four ports where fuel or liquid oxygen can be loaded or unloaded. Fabrication is by Chance Vought Astronautics Division of Ling-Temco-Vought, Inc.
cover image June 1962
June 1962
Caption: Pouring aluminum from new electrically-controlled Ajax Melting Furnace at Arwood Corporation's Cleveland plant. Unit is capable of melting up to 1,500 pounds at a time. To the left of this unit are two 100-pound units which are capable of melting down a full charge of metal in 15 minutes.
cover image April 1962
April 1962
Caption: Sine welder, a unique inert gas traveling chamber linked to a fully automatic fusion welder in operation. Torch follows path set by template on right and welds titanium shown in place beneath copper chill bars. (Photo courtesy Ling-Temco Vought, Inc.)
cover image February 1962
February 1962
Caption: Welding spacers into titanium coils requires ingenuity in applying gas protection. Note hose, right center, which supplies argon through the coil; additional argon is supplied by a special diffuser, visible to the left of the welding gun. The welding gun is the prime source of the argon. (Photo courtesy of Titanium Metals Corporation of America.)
cover image December 1961
December 1961
Caption: Machining hot pressed QMV beryllium block on vertical boring mill. This particular block produced by Brush Beryllium Corp. is the largest piece of metal ever made by powder metallurgy techniques.
cover image October 1961
October 1961
Caption: Cleaned, treated, dried and ready for coating, coiled aluminum is printed at this section of the line at Pre Finish Metals, Inc., Elk Grove Village, Illinois.
cover image August 1961
August 1961
Caption: Seamless aluminum tubing used in the Titan Missile is measured with ultrasonic "vidigage."
cover image June 1961
June 1961
Caption: Joining of aluminum tube for multi-row condenser coils by automatic flame soldering machine, demonstrated at Selas Corporation by Alcoa.
cover image April 1961
April 1961
Caption: Racks of aluminum front pieces of the Dodge being lifted from anodizing tank at Easton Mfg. Co., Cleveland. (Photo courtesy Alcoa.)
cover image February 1961
February 1961
Caption: Double-action Youngstown extrusion press in operation at San Jose, California plant of American International Aluminum Corp. The press which employs a new cycle principle has two heating furnaces, twin billet conveyors and associated equipment. It is shown extruding three identical aluminum shapes.
cover image December 1960
December 1960
Caption: World's largest closed die forging. This 23 ft. wing spar part weighs 320 pounds, required a 272-inch long die. It was forged from Alcoa 7079 billet at Alcoa's Cleveland die shop on a 50,000-ton press.
cover image October 1960
October 1960
Caption: Boeing Airplane Company, a combination fuel tank and fuselage section is fabricated for super new defense missile Bomarc B in high-strength Alcoa alloy 2219.
cover image August 1960
August 1960
Caption: Operator touches up mold with spray after removal of casting from low pressure casting machine at Chevrolet Massena plant.
cover image June 1960
June 1960
Caption: Sawing gates and risers off light metal castings at North American Aviation.
cover image April 1960
April 1960
Caption: Preliminary contouring of aluminum "Memory Drum" for Incremental Type Digital Computer produced by Librascope.
cover image February 1960
February 1960
Caption: 30-ft. diameter aluminum sphere for storing 30 tons of liquid hydrogen being lowered into carbon steel outer shell at new Torrance plant of Linde Co. (Photo courtesy Linde Co.)