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1973 to 1971
cover image December 1973
December 1973
Caption: The multiple tongs removing four aluminum ingots at a time form part of a casting system developed by the aluminum industry to increase efficiency and improve ingot quality. (Photo courtesy The Aluminum Association.)
cover image October 1973
October 1973
Caption: ALBA - Aluminum Bahrain is the Arab world's first aluminum smelter. The $160 million refinery located on this island nation just off the Gulf coast of Saudi Arabia ships more than 120,000 metric tons of aluminum annually to western Europe and Japan. ALBA's potline is energized by electricity produced from natural gas supplied by Bahrain Petroleum Co. Ltd, an affiliate of Standard Oil of California. (Photo courtesy of Standard Oil of California Bulletin.)
cover image August 1973
August 1973
Caption: Hazelett melt rolling unit.
cover image June 1973
June 1973
Caption: No caption.
cover image April 1973
April 1973
Caption: World's fastest multi-stand rolling mill at Alcoa's Warwick Works, built by Mesta Machine Co., produces 52-inch wide sheet at speeds up to 8250 feet per minute.
cover image February 1973
February 1973
Caption: Seven-foot micrometer could be used to measure Wilt the Stilt's height to within l/l000th of an inch, but instead it insures absolute roundness of a backup roll on the 220-inch hot reversing mill at Alcoa's Davenport (Iowa) Works.
cover image December 1972
December 1972
Caption: Molten aluminum fresh from the reduction pots is cast into 1200 pound sows. (Photo courtesy of the Aluminum Association.)
cover image October 1972
October 1972
Caption: Aluminum ingot is removed from vertical casting unit for storage prior to further processing into sheet, plate or foil. (Photo courtesy Aluminum Association.)
cover image August 1972
August 1972
Caption: No caption.
cover image June 1972
June 1972
Caption: World's largest rolling mill at Alcoa's Davenport, Louisiana, plant recently unveiled, rolls aluminum plate 210 inches wide.
cover image April 1972
April 1972
Caption: This new six-strand Mesta cold rolling mill is the world's fastest. Recently installed at Alcoa's Warrick, Indiana, sheet mill the computer-controlled mill is capable of spewing out aluminum sheet at more than a mile-and-a-half per minute. The mill rolls sheet 52 inches wide to an unprecedented precision, made possible by special quality control devices. Sheet from the new mill will go primarily to can manufacturers.
cover image February 1972
February 1972
Caption: Twenty-foot extrusions form a metal curtain on their way to the electrostatic paint line at Reynolds new aluminum building products plant at Ashville, Ohio.
cover image December 1971
December 1971
Caption: After extensive modification, Ravenswood's five-stand hot finishing mill can now produce hot rolled coils up to 103 inches wide and weighing up to 40,000 pounds. Kaiser Aluminum installed tandem rewind reels, widened the roll tables at the mill entrance, and widened the faces on all the work rolls and backup rolls.
cover image October 1971
October 1971
Caption: Five stand tandem continuous mill at Kaiser Aluminum's Trentwood, Washington, works reduces one inch slabs to sheet 1/10 inch thick at speeds up to 1000 feet per minute. (Photo courtesy Kaiser Aluminum.)
cover image August 1971
August 1971
Caption: Handling aluminum coils at Alcan's Oswego, New York rolling mill.
cover image June 1971
June 1971
Caption: New sixteen-strand Loma billet casting installation with automated handling at the Wieland-Werke in West Germany.
cover image April 1971
April 1971
Caption: Stretching wide aluminum plate in the 8 million pound stretcher at Alcoa's Davenport works.
cover image February 1971
February 1971
Caption: At Eastalco semi-automatic pot tending crane performs a number of different functions: it breaks the surface crust on the pot, replenishes the pot with alumina, removes and replaces old anode units, and taps the molten metal for transport to the casting facility.