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1976 to 1974
cover image December 1976
December 1976
Caption: Preheating anode rod stubs at British Aluminum's Invergordon smelter. (Photograph by Paul Brierley.)
cover image October 1976
October 1976
Caption: New 88" Blaw Knox cold mill at Alcan Aluminum's Oswego, New York, plant.
cover image August 1976
August 1976
Caption: Rolling billet. (Photo courtesy of the Aluminum Association.)
cover image June 1976
June 1976
Caption: Rolling aluminum. (Photo courtesy Aluminum Association.)
cover image April 1976
April 1976
Caption: Alumex of Puebla, Mexico pioneered the use of continuous cast sheet for deep drawn products such as pots and pans. This facility was built for Alumex by Hunter Engineering Co. of Riverside, California.
cover image February 1976
February 1976
Caption: Rolling mills in various parts of the world are part of the worldwide operations of Reynolds International, Inc.
cover image December 1975
December 1975
Caption: Designed and built by L. W. Nash Company, this Alcoa casting system at their Warrick, Indiana plant is 15 per cent more efficient than earlier installations. It increases the plant's total ingot production by 25 per cent. In the process, molten aluminum is cast continuously and sawed into 30-ft.-long, 15-ton ingots for rolling into light gauge sheet.
cover image October 1975
October 1975
Caption: 58" Hunter continuous sheet caster of tilt-up design, built for a South American sheet producer and put into operation this year. It produces and coils 1/4 to 1/2 inch material.
cover image August 1975
August 1975
Caption: At Alcoa, Davenport, Iowa, Elwell-Parker electric platform trucks move table loads of flat aluminum sheet or plates, haul trailer loads of aluminum, and carry aluminum coils. Truck maintenance and repair costs are carefully recorded to determine the downtime costs and uptime efficiency of all trucks at Alcoa.
cover image June 1975
June 1975
Caption: Five stand tandem cold mill at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation's Ravenswood, West Virginia. plant (entry end) showing coil handling equipment installed by E. W. Bliss last year including delivery shear, stub mandrel type tension reel coil hoist, sleeve handling equipment, belt wrapper and a coil conveyor.
cover image April 1975
April 1975
Caption: Hot rolling line at Cegedur Pechiney's Neuf Brisach plant. (Photo courtesy Revue De L'Aluminium.)
cover image February 1975
February 1975
Caption: Tunnel View of an aluminum rolling mill. (Photo courtesy of the Aluminum Association.)
cover image December 1974
December 1974
Caption: Rolling mill at the Nagoya, Japan plant of Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd. This is one of the largest and most modern rolling facilities in the world.
cover image October 1974
October 1974
Caption: Salem walking beam furnace at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation's Ravenswood, Virginia, plant. The furnace handles aluminum ingots weighing up to 40,000 lbs and 300 inches in length. Ravenswood has just completed an extensive remodification of production facilities.
cover image August 1974
August 1974
Caption: Rolling aluminum sheet at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Sales. (Photo courtesy Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Sales.)
cover image June 1974
June 1974
Caption: One of two 66 in. continuous casters built by Hunter Engineering Company, Inc. of Riverside, California, for the first aluminum sheet and foil facility in Turkey.
cover image April 1974
April 1974
Caption: Workman at Comalco's Bell Bay primary aluminum plant breaks surface crust which forms in pots during the aluminum reduction process. Comalco is an Australian affiliate of Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation.
cover image February 1974
February 1974
Caption: Hunter prestressed breakdown mills play the work horse role in many foil plants. This 15, 3/4" x 38" X 72" Hunter mill is installed at Amax Aluminum's Joliet, Illinois sheet plant. A similar Hunter mill operating at speeds up to 2400 fpm anchors Conalco's foil facility at Jackson, Tennesse.