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1978 to 1976
cover image December 1978
December 1978
Caption: Hot rolling mill at Alcan's Oswego, New York, plant.
cover image October 1978
October 1978
Caption: Loewy Robertson non-reversing 4-high cold mill for aluminum strip 455 mm and 1270 mm x 1830 mm at Ranshofen, Austria.
cover image August 1978
August 1978
Caption: Molten ferrosilicon used in the manufacture of magnesium at Northwest Alloys in Addy, Washington. International Magnesium Association members visited the plant last month.
cover image June 1978
June 1978
Caption: An overall view of the No. 5 cold aluminum strip mill at Sidal Aluminum in Belgium. This high technology mill has hydraulic automatic gauge control for consistent coil quality, and also has the latest Lowey-Robertson VIDIPLAN System of strip shape control. Since the installation of this computer shape control system, production of the No. 5 mill has increased by 25%, and much of the output can now be sold direct to the customer without tension levelling. Located at Sidal's Duffel plant, the mill is 510 and 1350 x 1830 mm, and rolls 10 ton coils at speeds up to 1300 m/min.
cover image April 1978
April 1978
Caption: Pouring aluminum at Alumax's Eastalco reduction plant.
cover image February 1978
February 1978
Caption: 15, 3/4" and 38"x72" Hunter cold mill installed at the Alumax Riverside, California, plant.
cover image December 1977
December 1977
Caption: Ingot on hot line at Lewisport, Kentucky, rolling mill. (Photo courtesy of the Aluminum Association.)
cover image October 1977
October 1977
Caption: Rolling aluminum. (Photo courtesy the Aluminum Association.)
cover image August 1977
August 1977
Caption: General view of the Alcan Foils Ltd Rogerstone, Wales foil mill bay showing the 380 mm and 1000 mm x 1830 mm roughing mill and, in the foreground, two identical 310 mm and 860 mm x 1830 mm finishing mills supplied by Loewy Robertson to achieve foil rolling speeds in excess of previously accepted foil rolling practice and a production capacity of up to 20,000 tons per year in the thickness range of 6-12 microns.
cover image June 1977
June 1977
Caption: Plate stretcher at Martin Marietta Aluminum's Kentucky rolling mill can exert a seven million pound pull on aluminum plate as thick as four inches.
cover image April 1977
April 1977
Caption: Siphoning molten magnesium from cells at Norsk Hydro's Porsgrunn, Norway plant. The magnesium is then taken to the foundry. (Photo courtesy Norsk Hydro.)
cover image February 1977
February 1977
Caption: Breaking the crust on an electrolytic pot at Intalco's aluminum smelter at Ferndale, Washington. Pots are computer controlled.
cover image December 1976
December 1976
Caption: Preheating anode rod stubs at British Aluminum's Invergordon smelter. (Photograph by Paul Brierley.)
cover image October 1976
October 1976
Caption: New 88" Blaw Knox cold mill at Alcan Aluminum's Oswego, New York, plant.
cover image August 1976
August 1976
Caption: Rolling billet. (Photo courtesy of the Aluminum Association.)
cover image June 1976
June 1976
Caption: Rolling aluminum. (Photo courtesy Aluminum Association.)
cover image April 1976
April 1976
Caption: Alumex of Puebla, Mexico pioneered the use of continuous cast sheet for deep drawn products such as pots and pans. This facility was built for Alumex by Hunter Engineering Co. of Riverside, California.
cover image February 1976
February 1976
Caption: Rolling mills in various parts of the world are part of the worldwide operations of Reynolds International, Inc.