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1982 to 1980
cover image December 1982
December 1982
Caption: Aluminum strip being rolled on the hot mill at the Alcan Sheet and Plate Division's works in Oswego, New York.
cover image October 1982
October 1982
Caption: Continuous heat treat line at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation's Trentwood, Washington plant.
cover image August 1982
August 1982
Caption: Automated log handling system at Kaiser Aluminum's Newark Plant.
cover image June 1982
June 1982
Caption: Breaking crust of electrolytlic pot at Alumax's Intalco, Washington smelter.
cover image April 1982
April 1982
Caption: Alumax Foils, Inc. rolls 0.00065 aluminum at speeds over 5000 f.p.m. on their new 72 inch Hunter foil mill.
cover image February 1982
February 1982
Caption: Feeding primary aluminum into melting furnace at Alumax plant.
cover image December 1981
December 1981
Caption: Potline at Alcan's Kitimat smelter.
cover image October 1981
October 1981
Caption: Electromagnetic casting at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation's Trentwood, Washington works.
cover image August 1981
August 1981
Caption: Rolling aluminum at Kaiser's Ravenswood, West Virginia, plant.
cover image June 1981
June 1981
Caption: Rolling aluminum at Alcoa.
cover image April 1981
April 1981
Caption: Cockpit of Achenbach Rolling Jet FB3 at VAW's Grevenbroich rolling mill.
cover image February 1981
February 1981
Caption: New Bliss mill at Reynolds Hot Springs, Arkansas, plant.
cover image December 1980
December 1980
Caption: Pouring molten aluminum from holding furnace into casting moulds at Kaiser Aluminum's Newark, Ohio, extrusion plant.
cover image October 1980
October 1980
Caption: Fish-eye view of "scalping" ingots for rolling at Alcoa's Davenport rolling mill.
cover image August 1980
August 1980
Caption: Ingot casting pit at Howmet's Lancaster, Pennsylvania, rolling mill. Programmable controller at left controls metal drop rate; furnace pressure, fuel/air ratio and heat recuperators.
cover image June 1980
June 1980
Caption: Operator in pulpit at five-stand Alcoa, Tennessee rolling mill. ( Photo courtesy Alcoa.)
cover image April 1980
April 1980
Caption: These Alcan ingots cast by conventional methods may weigh up to 12 tonnes. Alcan is now building a new continuous caster capable of producing 84" wide reroll stock at much higher production rates.
cover image February 1980
February 1980
Caption: Molten aluminum. (Photo courtesy of Aluminum Company of America.)