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1981 to 1979
cover image December 1981
December 1981
Caption: Potline at Alcan's Kitimat smelter.
cover image October 1981
October 1981
Caption: Electromagnetic casting at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation's Trentwood, Washington works.
cover image August 1981
August 1981
Caption: Rolling aluminum at Kaiser's Ravenswood, West Virginia, plant.
cover image June 1981
June 1981
Caption: Rolling aluminum at Alcoa.
cover image April 1981
April 1981
Caption: Cockpit of Achenbach Rolling Jet FB3 at VAW's Grevenbroich rolling mill.
cover image February 1981
February 1981
Caption: New Bliss mill at Reynolds Hot Springs, Arkansas, plant.
cover image December 1980
December 1980
Caption: Pouring molten aluminum from holding furnace into casting moulds at Kaiser Aluminum's Newark, Ohio, extrusion plant.
cover image October 1980
October 1980
Caption: Fish-eye view of "scalping" ingots for rolling at Alcoa's Davenport rolling mill.
cover image August 1980
August 1980
Caption: Ingot casting pit at Howmet's Lancaster, Pennsylvania, rolling mill. Programmable controller at left controls metal drop rate; furnace pressure, fuel/air ratio and heat recuperators.
cover image June 1980
June 1980
Caption: Operator in pulpit at five-stand Alcoa, Tennessee rolling mill. ( Photo courtesy Alcoa.)
cover image April 1980
April 1980
Caption: These Alcan ingots cast by conventional methods may weigh up to 12 tonnes. Alcan is now building a new continuous caster capable of producing 84" wide reroll stock at much higher production rates.
cover image February 1980
February 1980
Caption: Molten aluminum. (Photo courtesy of Aluminum Company of America.)
cover image December 1979
December 1979
Caption: Lift truck loading scrap into Warwick melting furnace at Howmet's new all scrap aluminum smelter in Rockwall, Texas.
cover image October 1979
October 1979
Caption: Cold rolling mill at Alcan's Oswego plant seen from exit side.
cover image August 1979
August 1979
Caption: One of two Measurex 1050 systems for controlling aluminum foil production at Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation's plant in Ravenswood, West Virginia.
cover image June 1979
June 1979
Caption: Casting of aluminum Trilock ingot at Alcan's Arvida, Quebec smelter.
cover image April 1979
April 1979
Caption: A second reel and belt wrapper have been added to the two-high Achenbach reversing hot mill at the Joliet plant of Alumax Mill Products Inc. The addition of this second reel, which was manufactured by Mesta and powered by a 900 horsepower Reliance DC drive, enables the Joliet plant to produce larger diameter coils with improved finish and closer gauge control at higher production rates. The new mill configuration is the only one of its type in the U.S.
cover image February 1979
February 1979
Caption: Siphoning molten aluminum into ladle from potline at Alcan Aluminum's Arvida, Quebec smelter. This is the world's largest aluminum smelter.