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1984 to 1982
cover image December 1984
December 1984
Caption: Pouring high purity aluminum sows at National Southwire Aluminum Company.
cover image October 1984
October 1984
Caption: SCAL Jumbo 3C caster producing aluminum coil for rolling at Reynolds' Hot Spring plant.
cover image August 1984
August 1984
Caption: Tilting melting furnace at Comalco's new high technology remelt plant at Yennora in Australia. This is one of the most modern plants in the world.
cover image June 1984
June 1984
Caption: Casting unit operator at Intalco's casthouse lifts a twelve ton aluminum ingot from the casting pot with his manually operated hydraulic crane.
cover image April 1984
April 1984
Caption: Coil stacking at Alcoa's Davenport plant.
cover image February 1984
February 1984
Caption: Looking down into electrolytic cell at Alcoa's Badin, North Carolina, smelter. The carbon butt has been removed to replace the carbon anode.
cover image December 1983
December 1983
Caption: lngot pusher furnace with charging conveyor in foreground at Alusuisse's rolling plant in Chippis, Switzerland.
cover image October 1983
October 1983
Caption: Examining mill finish sheet at Alcoa's Davenport, Iowa works.
cover image August 1983
August 1983
Caption: The new 75 inch single stand, four high, non-reversing Schloemann Siemag, cold mill installed at Consolidated Aluminum's Hannibal, Ohio plant.
cover image June 1983
June 1983
Caption: Alusuisse Caster II line at Essen, Germany.
cover image April 1983
April 1983
Caption: Operator of the New No. 7 mill at Reynolds McCook, Illinois plant inspects rolls before they go into the mill.
cover image February 1983
February 1983
Caption: Charging the round top furnace from above is quick and cuts heat loss at Alcan's Oswego works. The crews can charge the furnace in less than six minutes from the time roof opening is initiated until it is back in place. The round design utilizes the shallow bath melting method and a convection type recuperator to cut fuel use and heat loss. (Photo courtesy Swindell Furnace Div. Davy McKee Equipment Corp.)
cover image December 1982
December 1982
Caption: Aluminum strip being rolled on the hot mill at the Alcan Sheet and Plate Division's works in Oswego, New York.
cover image October 1982
October 1982
Caption: Continuous heat treat line at Kaiser Aluminum and Chemical Corporation's Trentwood, Washington plant.
cover image August 1982
August 1982
Caption: Automated log handling system at Kaiser Aluminum's Newark Plant.
cover image June 1982
June 1982
Caption: Breaking crust of electrolytlic pot at Alumax's Intalco, Washington smelter.
cover image April 1982
April 1982
Caption: Alumax Foils, Inc. rolls 0.00065 aluminum at speeds over 5000 f.p.m. on their new 72 inch Hunter foil mill.
cover image February 1982
February 1982
Caption: Feeding primary aluminum into melting furnace at Alumax plant.