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1987 to 1985
cover image December 1987
December 1987
Caption: Accumulator at Alcoa's Tennessee operations stores 4 minutes of sheet with mill running at 5000 fpm.
cover image October 1987
October 1987
Caption: Euramax Coated Products' new 63 inch paint line in The Netherlands. Seen from the coil-payoff end it can handle aluminum, galvalume, or steel substrates.
cover image August 1987
August 1987
Caption: National Aluminum's computerized paint line at Anniston, Alabama. The paint line is capable of painting vertical extrusions up to 30 feet in length. (Picture courtesy of Edward J. Klein, National Intergroup Inc., Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.)
cover image June 1987
June 1987
Caption: Sheet ingots are cast by direct chill at Commonwealth Aluminum, Lewisport. Kentucky. Having a capacity of 90,000 lbs. per cast, the casters employ a tilt-type mold carriage and an internally guided singleacting hydraulic main cylinder of 21" bore. Each casting machine is powered by a 50 hp hydraulic drive. The casting stations were built by Loma Machine, a Hill Acme Company.
cover image April 1987
April 1987
Caption: An operator checks a monitor displaying thickness of aluminum strip on a light-gauge slitting line at the new Logan Aluminum plant at Russellville, Kentucky. Accuracy of strip thickness is held to within ±0.1 percent with the use of AccuRay 7000 Micro measuring system.
cover image February 1987
February 1987
Caption: This 50,000-ton forging press at Wyman-Gordon Company's Worcester, Massachusetts, plant produces large airframe components from aluminum and titanium. Put in operation in 1955, it is one of the largest in the world and was a part of the Air Force's heavy press program. It was purchased by Wyman-Gordon in 1982. See story on filtration of ingot poured for the press.
cover image December 1986
December 1986
Caption: Workmen erect the ECL pot-tending crane at the new smelter of Aluminerie de Becancour Inc., Trois Rivieres, Quebec Province, Canada
cover image October 1986
October 1986
Caption: Molten aluminum is poured from a ladle in the casthouse of the Aluminerie de Becancour Inc. smelter.
cover image August 1986
August 1986
Caption: An aluminum-lithium ingot emerges from the mold in the new Loma-Mann semi-continuous casting plant at the Kitts Green Works of Alcan Plate Limited, West Midlands, U.K. The equipment employs PLC control of all functions, integrated to liquid metal supply, allowing the casting operation to be undertaken with operating personnel divorced from the casting environment. Wellman Furnaces Ltd. of West Midlands undertook complete design, in conjunction with Alcan engineers, including programming of the control functions linked to the Alcan patented pulsed water feed system. The plant can cast up to 25 metric tons at once with an ingot length of 5500mm (18 feet). Casting speed is 300mm (11.8 inches) per minute with an accuracy of +/- 0.5%. Controls automatically start and stop the machine.
cover image June 1986
June 1986
Caption: The role of Reynolds Metals Company's technology in transportation applications is demonstrated in its production of aluminum plate used in the space program.
cover image April 1986
April 1986
Caption: Correcting a solid aluminum extrusion die.
cover image February 1986
February 1986
Caption: The 80" continuous hot mill's six high configuration permits superior flatness and crown control say Kaiser Trentwood engineers.
cover image December 1985
December 1985
Caption: In this photo from the Aluminum Extruders Council's Solid Die Correction Program, a basic correction technique for relieving bearings is illustrated. The first of a three-part program is described in this issue.
cover image October 1985
October 1985
Caption: Eighty-four inch wide Reynolds-designed rolling mill at Reynolds Metals Company's Richmond Foil Plant, Richmond, Virginia, is capable of 7500 fpm rolling speeds. The plant manufactures household aluminum foil, food service foil, and flexible packaging materials.
cover image August 1985
August 1985
Caption: Clad in protective suits, Intalco employees pour molten iron to attach a steel bar to the anthracite cathode block which forms the bottom of the electrolytic cell.
cover image June 1985
June 1985
Caption: Storage area in Alcoa's Lebanon, Pennsylvania works.
cover image April 1985
April 1985
Caption: Rebuilt at less than its original cost, this 15-year-old cold rolling mill at Reynolds Metals Company's Listerhill, Alabama, plant incorporates the most sophisticated gauge and shape controls available. Improvements have upgraded quality and productivity.
cover image February 1985
February 1985
Caption: Molten metal is transferred from a tapping ladle to a crucible mounted on a transporter, in the new Tomago Aluminum Smelter in New South Wales, Australia.