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February - 2014
Primary Aluminum Industry in the Year 2013 & Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World: Nameplate Capacities and Shutdown Capacities on a Temporary Basis Page 6
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   By Rudolf P. Pawlek, Contributing Editor
Aluminicaste – New Remelt in Mexico: World Class Supplier of Extrusion, Rolling, and Forging Ingot Page 24
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Arabal 2013 – 30th Anniversary – Part I: Global Aluminum Outlook and Challenges Page 32
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   By Andrew Hall, Contributing Editor
The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show: Shaping a New Future Page 42
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   By Isao Nakada, Nalk Corporation
UC Rusal Implements EcoSøderberg Technology Page 45
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   By V. Mann, V. Buzunov, A. Pinaev, and V. Kolychev, UC Rusal
Oman Inagurates OARC Rolling Mill – Launches Downstream Sector Page 48
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Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions of Magnesium Use in Transport Page 50
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   By Simone Ehrenberger & Horst E. Friedrich, German Aerospace Centre (DLR), Inst. of Vehicle Concepts
Redefining Tough: The New Ford F-150 Features an All-Aluminum Body Page 54
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April - 2014
What Kind of Extruder Are You? – Self Planning Matrix for Benchmarking Extrusion Operations Page 6
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   By Craig Werner, Werner Extrusion Solutions, LLC
Southern Aluminum Finishing Goes West – New Anodizing Line Opened in Redding, CA Page 12
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The Impact of Methodological Choices on the LCA Results of Aluminum Extrusion Products Page 14
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   By Marshall Jinlong Wang, The Aluminum Association
Outlook on Aluminum Extrusion Die Industry from an Italian Die Maker, Interview with Tommaso Pinter, Alumat & Almax Mori Page 20
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Saws for Billet and Extrusion Operations Page 22
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   By Roger A.P. Fielding, BENCHMARKS
Arabal 2013 – Part II: Downstream Development in the Gulf Page 32
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   By Andrew Hall, Contributing Editor
Gearing Up Aluminum Extrusions for Automotive, Interview with Matthias Kapp, Sapa Extrusions North America Page 40
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Global Flat Rolled Product Long Term Outlook: Automotive and Aerospace to Drive Growth Page 42
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   By Goran Djukanovic, Aluminum Market Analyst
Novatec Celebrates 20 Years of Service to Aluminum Extruders Page 46
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AEC 2014 Annual Meeting Illuminates N.A. Extrusion Page 80
June - 2014
On the Front End of the Curve – Bonnell Aluminum Shifts into Automotive Page 6
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   By Andrea Svendsen
New Developments in Automotive Extrusions Offer Huge Opportunities Page 10
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   Geoff Scamans, Andrew Hall
LME Deals with Warehouse Issues and Upgrades Trading Options for Aluminum Interview with Garry Jones, LME Page 17
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Dead Zones in Dies and Their Effect on Streaking Page 20
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   Nick Parson and Chris Jowett, Jean-Francois Beland
Emirates to Produce Half of the Gulf’s Primary Output: Interview with Abdulla J.M. Kalban, EGA Page 28
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Innovation and Transformation: Heatsink Redesign Saves Weight and Increases Efficiency Page 30
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Innovative Joining Processes Enable Increased Use of Aluminum in GM’s New Corvette Z06 and Beyond Page 32
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Extrusion Design Competition Showcases Inventive Functional Designs Page 36
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Book Review: Direct-Chill Casting of Light Alloys: Science and Technology Page 47
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August - 2014
World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review Page 6
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Postle Extrusions Expands to Capture Booming RV Market Page 18
   By Andrea Svendsen
The New and Innovative HybrEx Extrusion Press Page 24
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Automotive Aluminum for the Masses Page 28
The U.S. Aluminum Lifecycle, 1900-2009: Quantifying Various Recycling Rates Page 30
   By Wei-Qiang Chen and T.E. Graedel
Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Blistering Page 36
   By Jerome Fourmann
Australasian Aluminium Extrusion Conference 2014 Page 38
   By Barbara Rinderer
AEC Leads the Way to Extrusion Industry Success: Interview with Jeff Henderson, AEC Page 42
Safety Doesn’t Happen by Accident: Interview with Alex Lowery, Wise Chem Page 46
The Power of Extrusions: How Aluminum is Reshaping the B&C Industry Page 48
   By Scott Condreay
TMS 2014 Annual Meeting and Exhibition Page 52
71st World Magnesium Conference: China Continues to Lead World Production Page 55
   By Robert E. (Bob) Brown
by Robert E. (Bob) Brown Page 59
October - 2014
Automotive in a Mixed-Material World – GALM: Optimizing Design, Joining Techniques, and Material Capabilities, While Reducing Cost Page 6
   By Andrea Svendsen
Vitex Extrusion: The Total Turnaround – From Aging Plant to Nimble, Value-Added Manufacturer Page 12
Overview of Non-Traditional Joining Technologies for Multi-Material Vehicle Structures Page 18
   By Gregory E. Peterson
SCM Commissions Unique Remelt Plant: First in the World to Horizontally Cast 14" Billet Page 24
CIAC – Aluminum Industry Challenges and Opportunities: Game Changing Developments in Transportation Sectors Page 28
   By Andrea Svendsen
Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Speed Cracking Page 40
   By Jerome Fourmann
Characterization of the Aging Behavior and the Formability of 6xxx Al Alloys for Automotive Applications Page 42
   By Ramona Prillhofer, Josef Berneder, and Josef Enser
Extrusion Press Icon Returns to the U.S. – Built in America, Engineered in Germany Page 50
Constellium: Expanding Investment and Increasing Capacity to Supply Auto Solutions to OEMs Page 54
Design, Regulation, and Positioning of Modern Container Heating Systems Page 60
   By Christian Eckenbach
On the Future of Automotive Lightweighting: Body Design Coming Out of the Niche Page 64
   By Christian Kleinhans
December - 2014
Cosmetic Corrosion of Aluminum Automotive Closure Sheet Page 6
   By Geoff Scamans, Innoval Technology
Application of Advanced Al-Li Plate on the NASA Orion Crew Module Page 14
   By Michael Niedzinski, Constellium Aerospace & Transportation
Aluminum’s Explosive Growth into Automotive in America – Interview with Tom Boney, Aluminum Association, ATG Page 20
Europe Continues Very Steady Growth in Automotive – Interview with Patrik Ragnarsson, European Aluminium Association, A&TG Page 22
Nanostructured Wire Rod Research and Development in Russia Page 26
   By V.Kh. Mann, et al.
Eastern European Extruder Increases Volume to Serve Growing EU Market Page 30
Defects Affecting Extruded Surface – Transverse Weld Page 34
   By Jerome Fourmann, Rio Tinto Alcan
The Extrusion Press Container: Thermal Stability of the Liner Not Uniformity of the Container Mantle Page 36
   By Paul Robbins and Dr. Ken Chun Chien, Castool
UMC Expands Market Scope with New Coil Coating Capacity Page 42
First Laser-Welded Aluminum Door Blanks for Mass Production Page 44