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October - 2012
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New Global Technology Center for World Leader in Supply of Aerospace Extrusions and Components Page 6
TMS 2012: Selected Topics in Aluminum Reduction Technology Page 14
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Weighing Material Options against Vehicle Fuel Standards: Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Detroit Page 24
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Aluminum Growth in Automotive Applications: Interview with Roland Harings, VP of Novelis Global Automotive Page 30
Aluminum Use Accelerating on the Road Ahead Page 32
   By Andrea Svendsen
Aluminum Moving into the Fast Lane for Automotive in North America: Interview with Dick Schultz, Ducker Worldwide Page 36
The Goal of Optimizing Aluminum Extrusion Operations, Part VI: Linear Programming+, Or, Bill Becomes a Master of Extrusion Optimization Page 40
   By Craig Werner
Quench Sensitivity of Aluminum Alloys Used for Rail Vehicles Page 46
   By Huang Zhi-qi, Zhou Xiang, Yin Zhi-Min, and Li Shenlan
International Metal Quality Workshop in Dubai Page 54
TMS 2012: Annual Meeting and Exhibition Page 58
WEFA Celebrates its 40th Anniversary Page 60
Longevity in Aluminum Engineering, Casting, Heating, and Automation: Gautschi at 90 Years Page 62