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August - 2012
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World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review Page 8
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
New Hot Work Steels Featured at ET '12 Aim to Meet Extruders' Demands for Longer Tool Life Page 20
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Aluminum Process Metallurgy at ET '12 - Improving Industry's Grasp of Fundamentals Page 25
   By J.D. Schloz
West Coast Remelter Stays Environmentally Proactive Page 28
   By Andrea Svendsen
Understanding LEED for Aluminum in Building Construction and Design Page 34
   By Christopher Lipp
Wise Metals' Element 13: World's Largest Single UBC Recycling Facility Page 40
   By Alton Tabereaux
A Profile of Australian Aluminum Extruders Page 44
   By Barbara Rinderer and Ivan Grasis
ET Continues to Promote Excellence in Extrusion Page 52
ET Photo Layout Page 54
Advantages of Aluminum Creatively Showcased in 2012 Extrusion Design Competition Page 56
The Goal of Optimizing Aluminum Extrusion Operations, Part V: Linear Programming, Or, How Bill Steps Up the Analytics to Improve Extrusion Results Page 60
   By Craig Werner