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December - 2010
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Airware 2198 Backbone of the Falcon Family of SpaceX Launchers Page 6
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   Michael Niedzinski and Chris Thompson
Aluminum Rises High on a Green Foundation at Greenbuild Page 8
   Joseph C. Benedyk
Armenal Celebrates 10th Anniversay Page 16
A New Class of Materials for Future Light Weight Vehicles: HCR-TP Sheet Metals Page 18
   Joseph C. Benedyk
The Maintenance and Upgrade of Extrusion Presses: Part III, Controls, Hydraulics, and System Integration Page 27
   Roger A.P. Fielding
Anodizing Quality Aluminum Sheet Material with High Recycled Content Page 35
   Greg Courval, Jane Allin, Gail Risto, and Barney Costello