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October - 2010
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Review of Testing Methods for Anodic Coatings on Aluminum and Aluminum Alloys Page 6
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Engineering Properties of Anodic Coatings: Protecting Aluminum Alloys against Friction and Wear Page 14
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Alcan Engineered Products to Stand Alone: Technical Leadership in Automotive and Transport Sustained Page 19
Hungarian Red Mud Disaster: Addressing Environmental Liabilities of Alumina Residue Storage and Disposal Page 22
   By Alton T. Tabereaux
New Process Proposed for the Production of Titanium Metal from Ilmenite Page 25
   By Eli M. Feist
Aluminum Shines in Germany: Farewell Essen, Hallo Duesseldorf Page 28
Artful Display at AlUMINIUM 2010 Page 32
Sustainability is a Business Imperative - Interview with Kevin Anton, Alcoa's Chief Sustainability Officer Page 34
   By Anna Henry