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April - 2010
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The Maintenance and Upgrade of Extrusion Presses, Part II: Upgrading Used Presses - Comparing Rebuilds with Key Features of a Modern Extrusion Press Page 6
   By Roger A.P. Fielding
Metallurgical Aspects of 6xxx Billet and the Impact of the Casting Process for Extrusion, Part I Page 14
   By J.D. Schloz and R.M. Kelly
New Platform for Aerospace Aluminum in India Page 24
New U.S. Extrusion Service Center: Building a Production Chain for Efficient Extrusion Page 27
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Pinpointing Problems in an Extrusion Business Page 32
   By A. Klaus
Academic Outreach to Advance Extrusion Industry Growth Page 36
Unique Ideas Shine in the 2010 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Page 38