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December - 2009
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Major Orders from China for Aluminum Rolling Mills: Pioneer Mill Builder Supplies Technical Leadership Page 6
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Maintenance and Upgrade of Extrusion Presses: Part I, Measurement and Inspection Page 10
   By Roger A.P. Fielding, Ron Manganello, and Alyssa Porter
Improving Aluminum Rolling Plant Output Page 20
   By Dan Miller
Bending of Hollow Aluminum Tubes About a Diagonal Axis Page 24
   By Dr. Craig C. Menzemer, David White, Joe Bowman, and Ray Minor
The 41st Tokyo Motor Show and the Use of Aluminum in Japanese Cars Page 28
   By Isao Nakada
Optimizing a Contemporary Extrusion Production System Page 30
   By Paul H. Robbins