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April - 2009
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Homogenization of Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Billet, Part III: The Application of the Continuous Homogenization Process to AA6xxx Series Alloys Page 8
   Roger A.P. Fielding
Bonnell Aluminum Develops Niche Capability for Wide Extrusions Page 18
   Joseph C. Benedyk
Comparative Analysis of Indirect Extrusion Technologies: Advantages of Converting from Direct to Advanced Indirect Extrusion Page 24
   Vadim L. Berezhnoy and Igor V. Kazimov
Mexico's Extrusion Industry Well-Positioned to Compete Globally Page 36
   Al Kennedy
Hex Washer-Head Fastener Pull-Over in Moderately Thin Aluminum Page 40
   James C. LaBelle and Tanya Dolby
2009 Extrusion Design Competition Displays Innovation Page 44
Development of PLC Automation in the Extrusion Industry Page 46
   Dale Kredit
Magnetic Billet Heating Page 50
   Larry Masur, Carsten Buehrer, Heinz Hagemann, Bardo Ostermeyer, and Werner Witte
Extrusion Benchmark 2009 - A Step Ahead in Virtual Process Optimization Page 54
   N. Ben Khalifa, A.E. Tekkaya, L. Donati, and L. Tomesani
Belco Industries Celebrates 50 Years Page 58