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February - 2009
cover image February - 2009
Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World/ Primary Aluminum Industry Activities in 2008 Page 6
   Rudolf P. Pawlek
Largest Titanium Domes Ever Forged to Open Vast New Areas for Undersea Exploration Page 26
China-World's Leader in Primary Aluminum Technology: Zhongfu Smelter Pioneers Energy-Saving 400 kA Potline Page 28
    Liang Xuemin
Twin Roll Casting-Economic Solution for Manufacturing Aluminum Automotive Sheet: Rheocasting Closes the Loop on Automotive Recycling Page 32
   Enrico Romano and Chris Romanowski
Production of Titanium and Titanium Alloy Bars from Skull Melted Ingots Page 46
   M. Constanzi
World Magnesium's Ups and Downs in 2008 Page 50
   Robert E. Brown
Global Titanium Outlook-Tempered Optimism: 24th Annual ITA Conference Review Page 56
   Michael C. Gabriele
April - 2009
cover image April - 2009
Homogenization of Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Billet, Part III: The Application of the Continuous Homogenization Process to AA6xxx Series Alloys Page 8
   Roger A.P. Fielding
Bonnell Aluminum Develops Niche Capability for Wide Extrusions Page 18
   Joseph C. Benedyk
Comparative Analysis of Indirect Extrusion Technologies: Advantages of Converting from Direct to Advanced Indirect Extrusion Page 24
   Vadim L. Berezhnoy and Igor V. Kazimov
Mexico's Extrusion Industry Well-Positioned to Compete Globally Page 36
   Al Kennedy
Hex Washer-Head Fastener Pull-Over in Moderately Thin Aluminum Page 40
   James C. LaBelle and Tanya Dolby
2009 Extrusion Design Competition Displays Innovation Page 44
Development of PLC Automation in the Extrusion Industry Page 46
   Dale Kredit
Magnetic Billet Heating Page 50
   Larry Masur, Carsten Buehrer, Heinz Hagemann, Bardo Ostermeyer, and Werner Witte
Extrusion Benchmark 2009 - A Step Ahead in Virtual Process Optimization Page 54
   N. Ben Khalifa, A.E. Tekkaya, L. Donati, and L. Tomesani
Belco Industries Celebrates 50 Years Page 58
June - 2009
cover image June - 2009
Alexin Casthouse Producing Billet for the Extrusion Industry Page 6
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Alexin's Sustainable Vision: The Way to Go, the Way to Grow: Interview with Tom Horter Page 17
Alcan's Innovative Aluminum-Based Solutions for Aerospace Applications Page 18
   By T. Warner, J.C. Ehrström, B. Chenal, and F. Eberl
Hard Anodizing of Aluminum Aerospace Alloys Page 22
   By Anne Deacon Juhl
AEROMAG - Magnesium Suitable for Aeronautic Applications? Page 34
   By Elke Hombergsmeier
Personality Profile: Kurt Ehrke Retires from the Executive Board of TRIMET Aluminium AG Page 40
August - 2009
cover image August - 2009
World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review Page 6
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Crystal Finishing Ushering in a Green Energy Landscape: Fostering Sustainable Opportunities in Aluminum Extrusion Page 18
   By Dan Antonios
Streak Formation in Hollow Profile Extrusion Page 24
   By L. Donati, L. Tomesani, A. Segatori, and M. Rompato
Recycling Aluminum Extrusion Scrap Page 32
   By Roger A.P. Fielding
Interview with Bjorn Wiggen/Indalex Acquisition Extends North American Market for Sapa Page 36
Mexico's 1st International IMEDAL Conference 2009 Page 38
   By Al Kennedy
Magnesium Recycling: State-of-the-Art Developments, Part I Page 42
   By Daniel Fechner, Norbert Hort, Carsten Blawert, Wolfgang Dietzel, and Karl Ulrich Kainer
Latest Developments in Understanding Grain Refinement of Cast Titanium Page 47
   By Michael Bermingham, Stuart McDonald, Matthew Dargusch, and David StJohn
Joint Strike Fighter Ignites Australia's Titanium Industry Page 50
October - 2009
cover image October - 2009
Automotive Aluminum and Magnesium: Innovation and Opportunities Page 6
   By Paul Krajewski, Anil Sachdev, Alan Luo, John Carsley, and Jim Schroth
Offline Programming Enables Robotized 3D-Curved Profile Extrusion Page 14
   By Dr. J. Bickendorf and Dr. S. Gasper
ICEB 2009 Dortmund: International Conference on Extrusion and 3rd Extrusion Benchmark Page 20
   By N. Ben Khalifa, A.E. Tekkaya, L. Donati, and L. Tomesani
Interview with Tim Stubbs, president, Sapa Profiles North America: With Indalex, Sapa Now Has Unmatched Range of Capabilities Page 24
International Temper Designation Systems for Wrought Aluminum Alloys: Part I - Strain Hardenable (H Temper) Aluminum Alloys Page 26
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
UC Rusal Responds Following Catastrophic Accident at Sayano-Shushenskaya Power Plant Page 32
   By Alton Tabereaux
Magnesium Recycling: State-of-the-Art Developments, Part II Page 34
   By Daniel Fechner, Norbert Hort, Carsten Blawert, Wolfgang Dietzel, and Karl Ulrich Kainer
Hydraulic Upgrade on 2400 UST Press at Kawneer's Bloomsburg Facility Page 38
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
TMS'09 Photo Layout Page 40
Global Aluminum Content in Autos Page 44
December - 2009
cover image December - 2009
Major Orders from China for Aluminum Rolling Mills: Pioneer Mill Builder Supplies Technical Leadership Page 6
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Maintenance and Upgrade of Extrusion Presses: Part I, Measurement and Inspection Page 10
   By Roger A.P. Fielding, Ron Manganello, and Alyssa Porter
Improving Aluminum Rolling Plant Output Page 20
   By Dan Miller
Bending of Hollow Aluminum Tubes About a Diagonal Axis Page 24
   By Dr. Craig C. Menzemer, David White, Joe Bowman, and Ray Minor
The 41st Tokyo Motor Show and the Use of Aluminum in Japanese Cars Page 28
   By Isao Nakada
Optimizing a Contemporary Extrusion Production System Page 30
   By Paul H. Robbins