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October - 2008
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Portland's Sapa Profiles Strives for Perfectly Fabricated Components Page 6
   Joseph C. Benedyk
Eliminating Streaking Defects in Anodized Aluminum Extrusions for Auto Roof Racks Page 12
   Dan Antonios
Alstom's Newest Aluminum Intensive Train: The AGV Page 20
    Jelle Vaartjes
Pull-Out Strength of Self Tapping Fasteners in Aluminum Screw Slot Connections Page 22
   Craig C. Menzemer, Jigar Deliwala, and J. Randolph Kissell
Remelt Ingot Casting Machine Research at CAST Page 28
   John Grandfield, V. Nguyen, P. Rohan, L. Sweet, M. Couper, and K. Oswald
Aluminum's Day in the Sun Page 34
   Nancy E. Klein
Aluminum in Transportation Growing Steadily While Facing Challenges: Report from the Metal Bulletin International Aluminum Conference Page 38
   Joseph C. Benedyk
The Green Surface Solution Page 42
   Anne Deacon Juhl
Biggest Die Maker Builds Bigger Dies Page 46
Interview with Bonnie Cartwright: North American Die Maker Looks to Larger Scale Page 47
Aluminum Gets a New Lift Page 48
   Andrea Svendsen
Sustainability, Safety in the Workplace, and Economics Covered at AEC Management Conference Page 50