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June - 2008
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Sapa Applies Global Resources and Extrusion Expertise in North America Page 6
   Joseph C. Benedyk
Interview with Ole Enger: The New Sapa Profiles a New Business Model Page 10
Opportunities for Extruded Aluminum Alloy Shapes in Restoration of Aging Bridge Decks Page 12
   Subodh K. Das, J. Gilbert Kaufman, and J. Randolph Kissell
A Non-Chromate Alternative for Conversion Coating of Aluminum, Magnesium, Beryllium, and their Alloys Page 18
   John W. Bibber
New Zealand Extruder Committed to the Environment Page 22
Saving Energy in a Conventional Anodizing Line Using Pulse Instead of Direct Current on Aluminum Profiles at Sapa, Denmark Page 26
   Anne Deacon Juhl, Kirsten Burfelt, and Peter Weldingh
The Sustainable Fact: Aluminum is Green Page 30
   Nancy E. Klein
The Role of ET in Driving and Disseminating Technology in the Extrusion Industry Page 36
   Craig Werner