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February - 2008
cover image February - 2008
ET '08 Technology Tracks: Perspectives from the Seminar Track Chairs Page 6
   Joeseph C. Benedyk
ET '08 Abstracts Page 10
ET '08n Exhibitor Profiles Page 32
Extrusion Workshop and 2nd Extrusion Benchmark in Bologna Page 40
   L. Donati, L. Tomesani, and M. Schikorra
Investigations of Longitudinal Welding in Port-Hole Die Extrusion Page 44
   P.F. Bariani, A. Ghotti, and S. Bruschi
April - 2008
cover image April - 2008
Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World/ Primary Aluminum Industry Activities in 2007 Page 6
   Rudolf P. Pawlek
How to Achieve Sustainability by Reducing the Emission of PFCs at Aluminum Smelters Page 30
   Alton Tabereaux
Development of a Qualitative Assessment Tool for Bauxite Residue Management Page 42
   Rene Van Berkel, Greg Power, and David Cooling
Modern Advances in Producing Building Sheet from Twin Roll Cast Aluminum Page 46
Magnesium Research in Australia Page 56
   John Grandfield
Unusual Year for World Magnesium in 2007: Record ProductionóPrices Skyrocketing Page 60
   Robert E. Brown
23rd International Titanium Association Conference and Exhibition Page 65
   Edwin H. Kraft
Directory of Aluminum Smelting Equipment Mfrs and Suppliers Page 70
June - 2008
cover image June - 2008
Sapa Applies Global Resources and Extrusion Expertise in North America Page 6
   Joseph C. Benedyk
Interview with Ole Enger: The New Sapa Profiles a New Business Model Page 10
Opportunities for Extruded Aluminum Alloy Shapes in Restoration of Aging Bridge Decks Page 12
   Subodh K. Das, J. Gilbert Kaufman, and J. Randolph Kissell
A Non-Chromate Alternative for Conversion Coating of Aluminum, Magnesium, Beryllium, and their Alloys Page 18
   John W. Bibber
New Zealand Extruder Committed to the Environment Page 22
Saving Energy in a Conventional Anodizing Line Using Pulse Instead of Direct Current on Aluminum Profiles at Sapa, Denmark Page 26
   Anne Deacon Juhl, Kirsten Burfelt, and Peter Weldingh
The Sustainable Fact: Aluminum is Green Page 30
   Nancy E. Klein
The Role of ET in Driving and Disseminating Technology in the Extrusion Industry Page 36
   Craig Werner
August - 2008
cover image August - 2008
World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review Page 6
   Rudolf P. Pawlek
Alcan Issoire Plate, Sheet, and Profile Plant — Well-Positioned for the 21st Century Page 20
   Michael Niedzinski and Philippe Lassince
Registration of Aluminum Hardeners with The Aluminum Association Page 28
   Parvaneh Shafiee and Michael Skillingberg
UC Rusal Reduces Environmental Impact Through R&D Initiatives: Interview with Victor Mann Page 30
   Anna Henry
Asia Pacific Partnership PFC Task Force Visits China Page 34
   Alton Tabereaux and Sally Rand
Standard or Precision — Tolerances Change the Rules Page 36
   Rick Liscomb
The Evolution of the Smart Container: Achieving Isothermal Control in Extrusion Page 40
   Joseph C. Benedyk
2008 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Advances Green Technology Page 48
ET '08 Photo Layout Page 54
TMS '08 Photo Layout Page 60
October - 2008
cover image October - 2008
Portland's Sapa Profiles Strives for Perfectly Fabricated Components Page 6
   Joseph C. Benedyk
Eliminating Streaking Defects in Anodized Aluminum Extrusions for Auto Roof Racks Page 12
   Dan Antonios
Alstom's Newest Aluminum Intensive Train: The AGV Page 20
    Jelle Vaartjes
Pull-Out Strength of Self Tapping Fasteners in Aluminum Screw Slot Connections Page 22
   Craig C. Menzemer, Jigar Deliwala, and J. Randolph Kissell
Remelt Ingot Casting Machine Research at CAST Page 28
   John Grandfield, V. Nguyen, P. Rohan, L. Sweet, M. Couper, and K. Oswald
Aluminum's Day in the Sun Page 34
   Nancy E. Klein
Aluminum in Transportation Growing Steadily While Facing Challenges: Report from the Metal Bulletin International Aluminum Conference Page 38
   Joseph C. Benedyk
The Green Surface Solution Page 42
   Anne Deacon Juhl
Biggest Die Maker Builds Bigger Dies Page 46
Interview with Bonnie Cartwright: North American Die Maker Looks to Larger Scale Page 47
Aluminum Gets a New Lift Page 48
   Andrea Svendsen
Sustainability, Safety in the Workplace, and Economics Covered at AEC Management Conference Page 50
December - 2008
cover image December - 2008
Coil-Anodized Aluminum and Architectural Applications Page 6
   Robin Furneaux
Corrosion of Aluminum Marine Alloys in Boats Page 12
   T.J. Summerson
3rd Annual American Metal Market Automotive Metals Conference: Light Metals to Help Navigate the Perfect Storm Page 18
   Joe Benedyk
Annual Anodizing Conference Furthers Process Improvements Page 28
   Anne Deacon Juhl
Developing a Technical Roadmap for Automotive Lightweight Metals Recycling Page 32
   John A.S. Green
Aluminum is Up to the Challenge: Association Targets 75% Recycling Rate Page 36
The 75th Anniversary of The Aluminum Association: Interview with Steve Larkin Page 37