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October - 2007
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Aluminum in Transportation Systems: The Resurgence of Rail Page 6
   By Roger A.P. Fielding
Aluminum Applications in the Rail Industry Page 8
   By Michael Skillingberg and John Green
The Current State and Future of Aluminum Alloy Applications for Railway Rolling Stock Page 14
   By Yasushi Sakai
Research in the Extrusion Industry: Meeting Future Demands Page 18
   By Alexander Klaus
CVD Coating Technology for Increased Lifetime of Aluminum Extrusion Dies Page 26
   By Joachim Maier
From Aluminum to Zirconium: Aerospace Database Delivers Metal Properties Page 31
   By Stan Setlak
2007 China Mg & Automotive Conference, Part I Page 34
   By Dajun Chen
Interview: Jerry Cole Page 42
Magnesium — Broad Horizons Conference in Russia Page 44
   By Robert E. "Bob" Brown
A Study on the Hot Deformability of 2519 Aluminum Alloy at Elevated Temperatures Page 46
   By Q. Lin, D. Peng, Y. Li, and G. Lin