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June - 2007
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Elixir Drives for the Green with AlumiCore Framed Golf Cart Page 6
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Aluminum Saws on the Cutting Edge Page 10
   By Anna Henry
Worldwide Efforts to Prevent Explosions in the Aluminum Industry Page 24
   By Seymour Epstein
Sustainable Aluminum: Essential to Building a Greener Skyline Page 28
   By Rand Baldwin
Aluminum Extruded Helical Turbine Advances Hydropower Page 34
   By Nancy Klein
U.S. Extruders Respond to Green Building Councilís Comparison of Window Materials Page 38
First Technology Roadmap on Aluminum Transformation Page 40
   By Alain Simard and Jean-François Pouliot
Design Competition Recognizes Exceptional Magnesium Applications Page 46