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February - 2007
cover image February - 2007
Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World/Primary Aluminum Industry Activities in 2006 Page 6
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Aluminum Industry Upgrade Set in Motion by New Wave of High Amperage Prebakes Page 28
   By Alton Tabereaux
Sustainable Development of Chinaís Al Industry Page 32
   By Dajun Chen
The Use of Si3N4 SiC Refractory Shapes by Reverse Reaction Sintering in Al Reduction Cells Page 44
   By J. Sun, W. Xu, H. Hong, and Y. Hong
Isothermal Melting Process Offers 70% Energy Savings Page 46
   By Elwin Rooy
Permanent Magnet Stirrer for Molten Aluminum Page 52
The Aluminium Valley Page 56
   By Claude Caya
Magnesium Industry Review 2006/2007 Page 59
   By Robert E. (Bob) Brown
Primary Aluminum Forecast Page 63
   By Andre Teissier du Cros
22nd Annual ITA Conference & Exhibition Page 65
   By Edwin H. Kraft
April - 2007
cover image April - 2007
Magnesium Extrusion: Properties, Applications, and Alloy Development Page 6
   By J.F. Brown, Jr.
Intensive Microshearing with Grain Refinement: A Scientific Proposal for Advancing Basic Extrusion Technology Page 12
   By Vadim Berezhnoy
Achieving Consistency in Hardcoat Anodizing Page 24
   By Anne Deacon Juhl
Students Shine at 2007 Al Extrusion Design Competition Page 26
The Myth of the Perfect Die Page 28
   By Paul Robbins
Primary Magnesium Industry at the Crossroads? Page 32
   By George J. Simandl, Melanie Irvine, and Jana Simandl
MAGNESIUM Driving Light Weight: 18th Annual Mg in Automotive Seminar Page 36
   By Joseph Benedyk
Sixth Aluminium Congress Comes to Florence Page 38
   By Greg Rajsky
June - 2007
cover image June - 2007
Elixir Drives for the Green with AlumiCore Framed Golf Cart Page 6
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Aluminum Saws on the Cutting Edge Page 10
   By Anna Henry
Worldwide Efforts to Prevent Explosions in the Aluminum Industry Page 24
   By Seymour Epstein
Sustainable Aluminum: Essential to Building a Greener Skyline Page 28
   By Rand Baldwin
Aluminum Extruded Helical Turbine Advances Hydropower Page 34
   By Nancy Klein
U.S. Extruders Respond to Green Building Councilís Comparison of Window Materials Page 38
First Technology Roadmap on Aluminum Transformation Page 40
   By Alain Simard and Jean-François Pouliot
Design Competition Recognizes Exceptional Magnesium Applications Page 46
August - 2007
cover image August - 2007
World Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review Page 6
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
Frontier Aluminum Responds to Globalization of North Americaís Extrusion Business Page 16
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Interview: Rand Baldwin, Globalization in the Aluminum Extrusion Industry Page 22
Shanghai Sigma Metals Inc.: Chinaís Leading Secondary Aluminum Producer Page 24
   By Dajun Chen
Nappanee WindowóWide Open to Expansion Page 34
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Mud-To-Money: Minimizing Bauxite Residue for Increased Alumina Production Page 40
TMS 2007 Photo Spread Page 44
October - 2007
cover image October - 2007
Aluminum in Transportation Systems: The Resurgence of Rail Page 6
   By Roger A.P. Fielding
Aluminum Applications in the Rail Industry Page 8
   By Michael Skillingberg and John Green
The Current State and Future of Aluminum Alloy Applications for Railway Rolling Stock Page 14
   By Yasushi Sakai
Research in the Extrusion Industry: Meeting Future Demands Page 18
   By Alexander Klaus
CVD Coating Technology for Increased Lifetime of Aluminum Extrusion Dies Page 26
   By Joachim Maier
From Aluminum to Zirconium: Aerospace Database Delivers Metal Properties Page 31
   By Stan Setlak
2007 China Mg & Automotive Conference, Part I Page 34
   By Dajun Chen
Interview: Jerry Cole Page 42
Magnesium — Broad Horizons Conference in Russia Page 44
   By Robert E. "Bob" Brown
A Study on the Hot Deformability of 2519 Aluminum Alloy at Elevated Temperatures Page 46
   By Q. Lin, D. Peng, Y. Li, and G. Lin
December - 2007
cover image December - 2007
Koenig & Vits Returns to Its Roots Page 6
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
New Insights into Understanding Strip Profile Developmentthrough Effective Measurements at Mill Stand Entry and Exit Page 10
   By Glen A. Wallace and Santino Domanti
Divided Flow Die for Conform Continuous Extrusion without Involving Oxide Impurities Page 14
   By M. Hoshino
Effective Roll Cooling Strategies for Hot and Cold Rolling Mills Page 18
   By Bernard J. Forster
Interview with Buddy Stemple, Novelis Page 20
AEC Fall Management Conference Tackles Challenges of Managing a Sustainable Future Page 28
   By Nancy Klein
2007 China Mg & Automotive Conference, Part II Page 30
   By Dajun Chen
Joint DOE-USCAR Lightweighting R&D Continues... Page 36
Aluminum Progress in Sustainable Packaging Still a Challenge Page 42
   By Joseph C. Benedyk