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June - 2006
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History, Growth, and Current Status including Tech. and Equip. Page 6
   By Wang Zitao
First Successful Vertical Powder Coating Line Running Smoothly at Extruders, Inc. Page 14
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Aluminum Extrusion Finishing in the U.S. Page 20
Designing Aluminum Alloys for a Recycle-Friendly World Page 26
   By Subodh K. Das
Development of Pre-Weighed 100% Element Hardeners for Aluminum Alloys Page 34
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Solar Lite & PoweróHydro Supplies Aluminum for Landmark Energy Project Page 38
New Mg Alloy with Improved Electroplating Characteristics Page 42
   By T. Abbott, G. Dunlop, T. Sweder, and S. Wojciechowski
Safety and Safeguarding in Al Extrusion Facilities: Review of ANSI B11.17 Standard Page 44
   By Mitch Gillispie