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December - 2005
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Twin Roll Rheocasting of Aluminum Alloys Page 6
   By Geoff Scamans and Zhongyun Fan
Production of Aluminum Forging Stock by the Continuous Casting and Rolling Process: Progress and Development Page 10
   By Nobuo Asaumi
Evaluation of Light Gauge Aluminum Scrap Remelting After Consolidation via the Extrusion Process Page 14
   By W.H. Van Geertruyden, C.A. Prescott, W.Z. Misiolek, and R. Peterson
Towards the Creation of a New Generation of TRC Thin Gauge Casters: A Technical Proposal Page 20
   By David T.W. Pun
SAE Celebrates 100th Anniversary at SAE 2005: Recent Advancements in Automotive Light Metals Part III Page 26
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Advances in Profile Control in Hot Rolling Page 36
   By Glen Wallace