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June - 2005
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Extrusion Productivity Page 6
   By Roger Fielding, V.I. Johannes, and P.H. Fielding
Southeastern's 35 Years of Extrusion Tooling Excellence Page 20
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Complete Turnkey Casting Line Installed at Asas Page 24
Die Technology for Next-Generation Extrusion Shapes Page 28
   By Rick Liscomb
Creating a Sustainable Future the Hydro Way: Interview with Jon-Harald Nilsen Page 30
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Vista Metals Adds to Hard Alloy Super Slab and Homogenizing Capacity Record Page 32
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Magnesium Advances in Automotive Applications Page 36
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
State of the Art and Potential Development of Digital Extrusion Modeling Page 40
   By C. Karadogan, F. Vanini, L. Tong, and P. Hora
Vaporization Rates for Rolling Oil Using Computer Simulation Improves Safety in Coil/Foil Annealing Page 44
   By D. H. Johnson, C. Logan, and R. Roberts
Indalex: Four Decades of Growth Page 48
   By Scott Langdon