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June - 2004
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Universal Alloy's New 16,200-ton Extrusion Press Will Shape the Future of Aerospace Page 8
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Use of FEM in Optimizing the Strength of Extrusion Welds and Surface Quality of Aluminum Profiles for Automotive Structures Page 12
   By L. Donati
Detects Attributable to Die-Metal and Billet-Container Interaction in Direct Extrusion: Problems and Remedies Page 18
   By Roy Hollis
Superior Designs Provided by Extruded Components Key to Growing Use of Aluminum in Automotve Page 26
   By Edward J. Vinarcik
The Castool Story: Evolving Tooling Technology Page 32
Hydro Strengthens Transportation Position In North America Page 36
2004 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Winners Page 66