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February - 2004
cover image February - 2004
ET'04 Technology Tracks: Perspectives from the Track Chairs Page 6
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Introduction to ET'04 Page 10
Abstracts of Papers Submitted for Presentation at ET'04 Page 12
ET 2004 Exhibitor Profiles Page 38
Extractive Metallurgy of Primary Titanium Page 48
   By Marco V. Ginatta, GTT s.r.l.
19th Annual ITA Conference Review Page 52
   By F. H. "Sam" Froes
12th Annual Int'l Anodizing Conference and Expo Page 55
Arabal 2004 Page 61
April - 2004
cover image April - 2004
Primary Aluminum Smelters of the World Page 6
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
SY 300 Potline Operation at Henan HongKong Page 34
   By Haibo She and Binjun Ren
Revitalization of Soderberg Smelters Page 36
   By Helge O. Forberg
IMCO Pumps Up Furnace Production at Saginaw Page 40
   By Anna Henry
Aluminium in Siberia Conference Page 44
   By George C. Holywell
Welcome to the "Aluminium Valley" Page 48
   By Susan Kelly
8th Australasian Aluminium Cast House Technology Conf. Page 52
   By Peter Whiteley
Opportunities for Magnesium Sheet in Automotive Lightening Page 56
   By Edward J. Vinarcik
Magnesium Meeting in Wolfsburg is Great Success Page 58
   By Bob Brown
International Magnesium Association Re-Energized Page 62
   Under New Management
June - 2004
cover image June - 2004
Universal Alloy's New 16,200-ton Extrusion Press Will Shape the Future of Aerospace Page 8
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Use of FEM in Optimizing the Strength of Extrusion Welds and Surface Quality of Aluminum Profiles for Automotive Structures Page 12
   By L. Donati
Detects Attributable to Die-Metal and Billet-Container Interaction in Direct Extrusion: Problems and Remedies Page 18
   By Roy Hollis
Superior Designs Provided by Extruded Components Key to Growing Use of Aluminum in Automotve Page 26
   By Edward J. Vinarcik
The Castool Story: Evolving Tooling Technology Page 32
Hydro Strengthens Transportation Position In North America Page 36
2004 Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition Winners Page 66
August - 2004
cover image August - 2004
Secondary Aluminum Industry Annual Review Page 6
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
RUSAL's Sayanogorsk Smelter to Double Capacity Page 18
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Interview: Alexey Volvenkin Charts Value Added Production Course at SAZ Casthouse Page 20
Developments in the Manufacture of Curved Extrusion Profiles--Past, Present, and Future Page 22
   By Alexander Klaus and Matthias Kleiner
Primary Aluminum Interview: Andre Teissier duCros Patents VSFB Mini-Smelter Concept Page 34
International Alloy Deisgnations and Chemical Composition Limits for Wrought Alloys Page 38
Kouilou Magnesium Project-Set for Success Page 40
   By Robert "Bob" Brown
Nichols Aluminum Continues to Set Industry Standard for Low Grade Scrap Recovery Page 44
ET'04 Expo Displays Advances in Extrusion Technology Page 48
October - 2004
cover image October - 2004
Ductile Aluminum High-Pressure Die Casting Alloys for Automotive Applications Page 6
   By Hubert Koch and Rudiger Franke
First Advances in the Manufacture of Composite Extrusions for Lightweight Constructions Page 12
   By Alexander Klaus, Michael Schomacker, And Matthias Kleiner
Magnesium Challenges Aluminum Dominance as the Light Metal of Choice in Automotive Markets Page 22
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
New "Raffle" Process Produces Direct Injection Magnesium Wheels on a Cast-by-Cast Basis with No Porosity Page 28
   By Robert "Bob" Brown
The Effect of Increased Zirconium Content on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of TI-1100 Alloy Page 32
   By Mesut Varlioglu, Philip Nash, Feng XU, and Geping Li
Automotive Light Metals Industry Interview: Dieter Braun Page 36
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
The 11th Int'l Arab Aluminium Conference and Exhibition Page 38
   By Andrew Hall
ALUMINIUM 2004 World Trade Fair Congress Page 48
   By Ken Stanford
Essen is Number One Aluminum Event Page 52
December - 2004
cover image December - 2004
New Wave of Aluminum Rolling in China: A Current View of China's Flat Products Industry Page 6
   By Wang Jinghai and Rao Xuyue
Corus Aluminum Rolled Products Driving Automotive and Taking Wing in 2005 Page 10
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
Vistawall Tennessee is Setting New Sights on Production Page 14
   By Anna Henry
Hydro Aluminium R&D Bonn Rolls Onto Tomorrow Page 20
Challenges for the Casting Technology and Material Development of Highly Stressed Al Automotive Engines Page 22
   By Wolfgang Schneider
Aluminum in Alcohol Packaging Page 30
Lw 2004 Int'l Al Profile Tech. Seminar & Expo Page 32
   By Wang Zi Tao
Aluminum in Auto and Outer Space Page 42