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April - 2003
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Concurrent Extrusion and Bending of Aluminum Profiles Page 8
   By Buntoro and K. Müller
Downstream Extrusion Process Control: Quenching, Cooling, Aging Page 14
   By A.J. “Bill” Bryant and Roger A.P. Fielding
Thermal Alignment Page 28
   By Dario Buggio
Deposition of Hard Films on Hot-Working Steel Dies for Al Extrusion Page 32
   By K. Müller
Temper Registration Records Page 40
   By P. Shafiee, P. Pollak, and M. Skillingberg
Superextruders: Improving Container Life Through Temperature Control Page 44
   By Paul Robbins
AEC Conducts International Tour in Italy Page 48
   By Greg Rajsky
50 Years of Extrusion Die Service Page 50
Aluminum Extrusion Student Design Competition Page 54
Directory of Aluminum Extrusion Equipment Mfgrs. and Suppliers Page 57