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August - 2002
cover image August - 2002
Secondary Al Industry Annual Review/Table Page 8
   Rudolf P. Pawlek
Norsk Hydro/VAW: Global Aluminum Force Page 28
   By Joseph C. Benedyk
General Extrusion Excellence Page 36
New Approach to Hot Dross Processing Reduces Emissions, Improves Recoveries Page 40
   By Hans Spoel and William A. Zebedee
Aluar: Argentina’s Power House for High-Quality Aluminum Page 44
   By Anna Henry
Automotive Light Metal Advances Part II Page 50
   By Edward J. Vinarcik
TMS 2002: Aluminum Reduction Symposium Review Page 56
   By Rudolf P. Pawlek
TMS 2002: Casthouse Innovations/Quality Assurance Page 68
   By Anna Henry
Directory of Secondary Aluminum Equipment Mfgrs. and Suppliers Page 89