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Looking for aluminum equipment suppliers?
MD 2015

LMA has four Aluminum Equipment Manufacturers & Supplier Directories, including:

Aluminum Smelting — Aluminum Extrusion

Secondary Aluminum — Flat Rolled Aluminum


The 2015 Master Directory is available in print or digital download.


Extrusion Database
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Light Metal Age now offers digital subscriptions. Through email, readers now can receive all timely information on the latest uses and applications of aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and their alloys currently available in the hard copy edition. 
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As a service to our readers, Light Metal Age is pleased to provide lists of current primary and secondary production capacities from around the world.
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The Light Metal Age online article store has articles available in pdf format for purchase, spanning from 2005 to present. Articles cost just $5 a page with a $25 maximum charge. A selection of free articles are also accessible.

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Check our bookstore to find out more information on our focused archives for sale. The Magnesium Article Archive and the Titanium Article Archive both offer hundreds of topic-focused articles, editorial, and news items from the pages of Light Metal Age since its inception in 1943. These easily searchable databases offer historical and encyclopedic looks at their respective topics.
Plans are in place to publish future digital archives in subject areas such as Aluminum Extrusion, Light Metals in Transportation, etc.
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